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Community Empowerment

A sustainable solution to provide a “HAND UP” and NOT a “hand out” in Guatemala.  DIG is woven into the fabric of the Mayan culture. We do not "just install stoves".  We make the Mayans part of our family, providing medical care, education, nutritional assistances.  DIG employees Mayans from the villages so that they may earn a living wage and provide for their families with dignity.

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Community Empowerment

The family gets: a smokeless stove, solar powered light and phone charger, nutritious plants and trees like Chia, Chaya, Moringa, Amaranth etc., a water filtration system that will turn even the dirtiest water into clean, parasite free drinking water, education seminars and medical clinics.

Provides the family with a sense of independence instead of dependence on the donor.

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