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Smokeless Stove Program


90% of Guatemalan's suffer from respiratory illness....

Environmentally unfriendly open fire stoves contribute carbon and methane into the atmosphere and are considerable contributing factors to climate change pollutants. In rural settings such as Guatemala, household fuel combustion through open fires is one of the main sources of environmental pollution in the area.  

We have a solution that will help... and you can play a role...

The smokeless stove program implements new wood-burning smokeless stoves with chimneys, that drastically reduce smoke inhalation and are environmentally friendly. The stove package includes the materials, construction, transport, and installation of the stoves in the high mountain villages. 

A donation of just $250 USD provides a Mayan family a smokeless stove, and a team of professionals who come into the home and provide a comprehensive medical evaluation and establish practices to establish healthy nutrition.

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