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Our goal at the Centre is to provide education and various therapy opportunities for all regardless of their physical, mental or economic situation.  It not only provides therapies for the children but support and education for the parents as well, even providing home visits and field trips if necessary to help the parents and children in the struggles of everyday life. The Centre also has a tutoring and psychology program  for children who are victims of bullying, abuse, learning difficulties, emotional problems or are simply unable to attend school due to extreme poverty. The Centre is the first of its kind in the Jutiapa Province of Guatemala.

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2019-03-12 09.52.34.jpg


The Centre provides various therapies such as, AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy), Water therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Speech/Language therapy, Physical Therapy, Play Therapy, Sensory Integration/Occupational Therapy, Psychology etc. and it is our goal to always provide our students and parents with the best care & educational opportunities available.


Children can help work a farm where their families can’t afford to hire employees. They can also take care of their siblings if their parents need to leave to find water, food or employment. Unfortunately, this means most children don’t get an education past elementary school as they are only required by law to attend school until grade 6 meaning they don’t develop higher learning skills or economic abilities.  A lack of education perpetuates poverty.

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DIG provides an afternoon english program, open to students free of charge, to help them gain a working knowledge of the english language that will give them more opportunities to secure employment thus providing them hope of a brighter and more stable future for them and their families.

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