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Critical infrastructure, resources and education that are required for basic well-being are lacking.  We help change that!

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that there are approximately 4.3 million premature deaths per year that can be attributed to household air pollution mainly from open air fire cooking indoors. Due to poor infrastructure, pollution, population growth, a lack of government funding, and an unregulated water and sanitation sector in Guatemala. 95% of the water in Guatemala is dangerous to drink.


Smokeless Stoves

Imagine having a fire in your living room that you needed to cook, and for heat.  That is what many Mayans rely on, and this has resulted profound levels of respiratory illness and deforestation.  Our smokeless stove program has resulted in a 95% reduction of respiratory illness, and what used to be a 1 day supply of firewood now lasts 2 weeks!

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Essential Medical Care

The Centre is used to house medical and dental clinics, education seminars on health and nutrition for men and women, nutrition consultations, educational opportunities and spiritual counseling. We host dental and medical clinics for the indigenous Mayan population who do not have access to affordable care. We have an onsite registered nurse who does home visits and provides 24 emergency care to those in need. We provide sustainable solutions to provide a “HAND UP” and NOT a “hand out” in Guatemala.  Providing the family with a sense of independence instead of dependence on the donor.

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Help When Needed Most

 The Centre of Hope is a safe place where those in need can come and seek help. It is also a crisis center for anyone in need of assistance – especially women and children – as these facilities do not currently exist.

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